"Katleri" Ltd offers the construction of concrete (for tunnels, water reservoirs, etc.) surfaces by using the torcreting technology. We are applying the quality wet torcreting technologies by using the high quality materials from the company “SIKA”. The renovation of concrete surfaces by using this technology assures the long lasting quality of the constructions.

• The using of torcreting technology may by applied for following works:

  1. - hydro technological constructions;
  2. - railway and road tunnels;
  3. - tunnels final onlay;
  4. - hydro isolation of concrete surfaces;
  5. - construction of water tanks;
  6. - hydro isolation of hydro technical constructions;
  7. - etc.

The specialists from the “Katleri” Ltd licensed in the performing the works with the torcreting technology will provide to you the solving of your problems professionally by ensuring the highest quality in shortest time possible.


     Torcreting is the pressured application of cement mortar, which ensures a thicker layer of concrete and improves its adherence to the old concrete. Torcreting is done by special equipment designed for this. The material applied by torcreting method is called torcret concrete.

Torcret concrete is applied:

  1. - for thin ferroconcrete constructions (reservoirs, joints etc.);
  2. - for works in tunnels;
  3. - for constructions of the hydro-technical structures at the variable water level zone;
  4. - for maintenance of ferroconcrete constructions.

There are two types of torcreting works: wet and dry method, and wet method has also two ways of application: with uninterrupted flow and regulated flow.

Wet Torcreting method.

The concrete when using wet torcreting method is applied to the surface with uninterrupted flow through sprayer and at the same time the compressed air is blown. The concrete by applying this method is applied evenly to the surface. The losses of concrete by applying this method do not exceed 10%.

The high quality of the torcret concrete is achieved by adjusting additive materials (chemicals) to the substance:

  1. - adhesion – the gluing ground on the surface where the concrete afterwards is applied;
  2. - applying of thick concrete layer by adjusting hardening additives;
  3. - optimal proportion of water and concrete by using of plastic.

Wet torcreting overall is one of industrial construction methods. The concrete to be used in the torcreting aggregate can be prepared in industrial way. In the torcreting works very important aspect is the qualification and competency of spray operator.

Recent projects

Betona virsmu remonts 1115 m2; deformācijas šuvju remonts un brīvēšana 90m; Nokrišņu ūdens novadīšanas sistēmas ierīkošana Pļaviņu HES ēkas labā krasta atbalstsienu M-9, M-3 52.0-62.0m atz. M-4, M-7 un aizvaru glabātuves sienas 62.0-75.3m atz. betona virsmu atjaunošana Pļaviņu HES kreisā krasta gultnes dambja atbalstsienu RP-4 un RP-5 betona virsmu atjaunošana Pļaviņu HES gultnes dambja atbalstsienas RP-1, RP-3 betona virsmu atjaunošanas remonts.

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